28 12 / 2012

This is the Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover, retailing at S$34 at our local drugstore, it the average price of a drugstore brand, American, Japanese..etc. Other liquid foundations I tried had the tendency to be a tad too ‘moisturising’ for my conbination skin in Singapore’s humid weather so I’m rarely inclined to pick one up. But given the promise of a lasting powdery finish, I wavered and bought a bottle~

I’ve had this wonderful little bottle in my beauty drawer for a little over a month now and honestly nearly forgot to review it because I have the attention span of a goldfish >_<

I’m glad I remembered it though! Foundation is very important to me. It’s like the foundation of a building, very important when you start construction! A good foundation sets a good canvas for the rest of your makeup. Or at least that’s how I feel =)

I was slightly skeptical at first, especially about the holding power and coverage of this product. After all, it does say ‘for COVER’ specifically.

At the end of my test-run, I am head-over-heels for this liquid foundation! Wanna know why? =D

Check out the full review HERE~~

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